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To implement a Global Broadband Platform and Online Music Community. One specifically designed to deliver both the fans and the artist exactly what they are seeking a better more profitable music industry.  We seek to recreate the Music Industry

Mission Statement

Stock and Roll® shall create an online cooperative between the fans and the artists.  A Global Broadband Music TV station and an online community where the fans can download free and legal copies of the music, for personal use.  Where fans from around the world can have a chance to back the band’s future and share in the profits. We seek to change the very nature of the music industry… taking the industry middleman out of the music and giving it back to the people. 

Vision Statement

Stock and Roll® plans to take advantage of the resulting opportunity by positioning itself as the premier online global source for new digital music and culture.  To recreate the music industry and give a portion of the $40 Billion dollar a year music industry revenue to those who are in need.

Organizational Objectives

Organizational Values










Stock and Roll®: OVERVIEW


Music is the perfect partner for the World Wide Web as Both can so easily reach across jurisdictional lines and bring very diverse people to a common ground.  Additionally, the web is causing grave problems for the current music industry.  File swapping servers such as the old Napster and Lime Wire (which allow users to download free copyrighted works without authorization), have created an ever increasing threat to the standard business model and, more importantly, to the artists; there are legitimate legal issues regarding whether they can even be shut down.


The Industry recently spent millions attempting to restrict access by developing the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) and so called “copy proof” compact discs.  The SDMI code was cracked within one hour of it’s release, and it now appears that a common felt tipped marker will easily defeat the “copy proof” CD’s.  Even though the digital revolution is well under way and the people have demonstrated what they want -- free music -- the current music establishment is alienating both the fans and the artists as they continually and futilely seek ways to keep the status quo, by attempting to maintain control over the distribution of the music, the profits, and the artists.


At Stock and Roll® we simply developed a better business model.


Stock and Roll® will change the very nature of the music industry, as it will meet the challenges proposed by the new threat, while providing a more creative and profitable environment for both the artists and the fans.  Stock and Roll is the exciting new alternative to the $40 billion dollar-a-year music industry.


The popularity of shows like American Idol® have proved that the fans are eager to be more involved in the music industry and Stock and Roll® gives them that chance.  The innovative business strategy developed by Stock and Roll® provides the fans and the artists with exactly what they are seeking -- the fans get free music, a free music television broadcast, and the chance to become directly involved in the music industry.


The innovative strategy also provides the artists with exactly what they are seeking, by eliminating the inequity of the current system.  The artists get majority ownership of their music, loyal fans that literally invest in the music, and a global broadcast to promote the music to a truly worldwide audience.  The Stock and Roll®  strategy will allow the artist to grow a base of loyal fans that are literally invested in the music.  Each artist can gain up to $1 million dollars in funding and up to 100,000 marketing agents, who will help “spread the word” about the band and the company.  And when the artist prospers, so does the shareholder – the fan.


A significant benefit of the Stock and Roll® strategic business model is that the Stock and Roll record label does not take any financial risks on the artists, as it is the fan that provides the funding.


Stock and Roll®: Exclusive offerings to the fans



Stock and Roll®: Exclusive offerings to the artists



Stock and Roll®: A Superior Alternative to the Music Industry


·         Now is the time to "INVEST IN THE POWER OF MUSIC!"




In order to provide a truly worldwide audience for our artists, Stock and Roll® is developing an internet TV station which will broadcast music and related programming to the world twenty four hours a day. Stock and Roll® will also have a one hour program which showcases the talent on cable, satellite, or broadcast TV in the United States, Europe, and Asia -- so that even those without internet access may experience Stock and Roll®.  Launch date to be announced soon.


The internet has become a pervasive and rapidly evolving entity that has shaped and molded the world more quickly than any other medium in history.  ITV (Web TV), the newest extension of the internet, will soon provide an even greater reach as it becomes available to people worldwide -- a low-cost, high-speed, internet alternative right over the TV, without any of the complexity or expense of a personal Computer.

Network, satellite, and cable signals are limited in their ability to reach outside their home jurisdiction --
Stock and Roll® will be the first ITV music channel, with an interactive 24-hour-a-day broadcast to a truly international audience.  The Stock and Roll® broadcast will literally be available to all nations of the world. Unlike traditional TV broadcasts, the Stock and Roll® broadcast will be available to anyone with access to the World Wide Web, over ITV, a Palm Pilot, a cell phone, a car/home radio, a personal computer, or any other internet device.

Standard broadcasts, cable, and satellite transmissions are also limited by various regulatory bodies and legal and contractual constraints.  There are currently no constraints on internet TV broadcasts, so the broadcasts can literally be seen everywhere.  The lack of legal and regulatory constraints on internet broadcasts give
Stock and Roll® a great advantage over other TV channels and music broadcasts such as MTV or VH1.

ITV is already in operation and all the major players are currently producing “set top boxes” (device or hardware system used to receive cable, satellite or Internet signal) with internet capabilities for its use.  It is clear in the industry that ITV "set top boxes" will become not only popular but also prevalent in the very near future.

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