and cell phones and any internet device including iPod® and pda's

In order to provide a truly worldwide audience for our artists, Stock and Roll is developing an internet TV station which will broadcast music and related programming to the world twenty four hours a day.


The internet has become a pervasive and rapidly evolving entity that has shaped and molded the world more quickly than any other medium in history.  ITV (Web TV), the newest extension of the internet, will soon provide an even greater reach as it becomes available to people worldwide -- a low-cost, high-speed, internet alternative right over the TV, without any of the complexity or expense of a personal Computer.

Network, satellite, and cable signals are limited in their ability to reach outside their home jurisdiction -- Stock and Roll will be the first ITV music channel, with an interactive 24-hour-a-day broadcast to a truly international audience.  The Stock and Roll broadcast will literally be available to all nations of the world. Unlike traditional TV broadcasts, the Stock and Roll broadcast will be available to anyone with access to the World Wide Web, over ITV, a Palm Pilot, a cell phone, a car/home radio, a personal computer, or any other internet device.

Standard broadcasts, cable, and satellite transmissions are also limited by various regulatory bodies and legal and contractual constraints.  There are currently no constraints on internet TV broadcasts, so the broadcasts can literally be seen everywhere.  The lack of legal and regulatory constraints on internet broadcasts give Stock and Roll a great advantage over other TV channels and music broadcasts such as MTV or VH1.

ITV is already in operation and all the major players are currently producing “set top boxes” (device or hardware system used to receive cable, satellite or Internet signal) with internet capabilities for its use.  It is clear in the industry that ITV "set top boxes" will become not only popular but also prevalent in the very near future.


 1.  HIGH SPEED INTERNET OF STANDARD ELECTRICAL LINES - Pilot programs up and running in at least three US Cities prove that low cost high speed (broadband) internet will soon be available through standard electrical lines, simply plugging the computer into any standard electrical wall socket.  Backed by the FCC the technology has the potential to give high speed internet access to every single electrical wall socket around the globe.

NOTE: Although the FCC regulates the cable and satellite broadcasters, the FCC does not regulate the broadcasters of Web TV programming.  Internet programming can therefore reach a worldwide audience without any governmentally imposed restrictions

2. “ITV ONLY” SET TOP BOX TYPE IN PRODUCTION - Currently all of the set top boxes in production by the major manufacturers are ITV compatible.  The result is that even if a consumer does not want an ITV set top box, they will have one. Major Manufacturers are already selling and producing set top boxes with ITV capability.  Experts estimate that there are 250 million televisions in the United States alone, with a billion worldwide.  That is simply too big a market for any vendor to ignore.  Sony, Thomson, Samsung, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Zenith, Sanyo, and Matsushita are just a few of the players who are currently producing ITV set top boxes.

3. EASE OF USE - ITV will become the consumer's favorite way to access the internet -- ease of use and familiarity will attract those who shy away from technology:

"WebTV is a set-top box that plugs into your TV.  It's so darn simple: just plug in a phone line and even your grandma can be cruising the web in fifteen minutes."

"This product is aimed squarely at the non-technical among us, who just want something that works and who are tired of feeling left out."

"WebTV offers a real improvement over other methods of accessing the Internet. No more waiting for your computer to boot, to dial your Internet service provider. It's truly plug and play, not plug and pray."

4. LOW COST – ITV will provide internet connectivity and interactivity (shopping, research, chat, email, etc.) at a low cost, as well as low cost broadband access over standard electrical lines.

"It's a nice easy way for people who want to go on the Web without spending $2,500 for a computer,"

Although ITV has not yet become a prolific force in our lives to date, the future is near.  

5. 3G Cell Phones and PDA's
- the rapid growth of these hand held portable devices gives Stock and Roll
® an advantage over broadcast TV not limiting the viewers location or device on which the fans can view and participate in Stock and Roll®

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